Welcome to the SPCC MGA Website

Welcome the SPCC MGA Website

The SPCC MGA exists to create camaraderie amongst fellow male members by generating activities at Sparrows Point C.C. These activities would include golf tournaments, poker tournaments, a dart league, golf trips, sporting events, and social functions such as an annual bull roast, casino nights, etc.

Establishing a "Men's Club" within the "Club" enhances the use of the facility for all seasons. Having activities will create the urge for members to use the club more often and enhance the possibly of members stopping by for the "spontaneous drink" or "see who is at the club"? By and large as the "Men's Club" grows it will create the cohesiveness needed to carry the "Club" utilizing our treasury to pursue capital improvements at Sparrows Point Country Club. We will also support the junior golf program by donating a portion of our annual dues to junior golf. We encourage you to join today to further enjoy the "Club".